Nurturing An Aries Child

The Aries child is born between 20th March and 20th April. Bearing the sign of the Ram, a child with this Zodiac sign is mostly independent, energetic and enterprising.  Bringing up an Aries child is usually a delight for parents who are sure to be kept on their toes.
1. A natural leader
One of the most distinct characteristics of an Aries personality is their tendency to assume a leadership position. So as you watch your Aries child in the playground, you will probably find him/her directing the action, suggesting what games other kids should play or simply telling their playmates what to do. While all this indicates the makings of a natural-born leader, sometimes an Aries child can become quite bossy. Usually however this fallacy is kept in check by the innate social nature of Aries which makes them in general rather easy to get along with.  They will occasionally try to take more than their fair share of credit for a team’s victory, but it is not like they do not acknowledge the team members’ contributions either. However sometimes in their enthusiasm to lead a team or take the initiative, an Aries child can end up being a little dictatorial or rather impatient with their playmates which in turn may make them unpopular with other kids or at least with their mothers. What you need to do with your Aries child is to let their leadership qualities blossom while at the same time inculcating qualities of compassion and understanding in them. You may also want to keep an eye on their bragging and just make sure that they are taught to give proper credit to everyone who deserves it.
2. Fiercely independent
Aries adults are notorious for the dislike of being bound by norms and conventions whether in society or at the workplace. In your Aries child, you can see the beginnings of this quality as they venture off on their own  or leading their playmates into unfamiliar places. You might find your Aries son overturning rocks to see the ‘cool’ bugs underneath or your Aries daughter aiming to reach the highest branches of a tree just to see if she can do it. This innate streak of independence is especially a boon to working moms and busy parents since Aries children at most times are quite capable of entertaining themselves and don’t need company to feel secure. Again they are far from being emotionally needy or clingy and in fact seem to thrive working or playing by themselves. So if you are the kind of mom who worries about every sniffle and agonizes over pending homework, let your Aries child be. An overbearing or even overprotective parent can bring out the worst in an Aries son or daughter, especially one who is entering or already in their teens. The real problem with their independent natures is that it is difficult for them to deal with orders and contrary commands, even from a parent. People born in the zodiac of Aries, whether adult or children have their own way of doing things and their own reasons for doing them the way they want to. However while adults can take responsibility for their own actions, an Aries child needs to learn that there are valid reasons why you as a parent can say “no”. So let your Aries kid understand that rules exist and that they do so in order to ensure that everyone can live together in harmony and safety.
3. Naturally fearless
An Aries child fears little and is unnerved by nothing. Every nook in the playground for the Aries toddler is an opportunity to explore and every new experience for the Aries adolescent is a must-try. It is not that they are complete adventure junkies but that they are quite comfortable taking risks and they have the self-confidence to do so. The downside however of this is that Aries children are quite prone to getting into trouble. As a parent, you need to watch them quite closely which in fact gets even more difficult as they get older since it goes against their innate sense of independence. On the whole it is best to maintain a fine line between supervision and encouragement so that they are safe but not stifled from expressing their natural qualities. The innovation and risk-taking ability that the Aries child shows, if nurtured may result in your Aries son growing into an Aries man who’s a born-entrepreneur or your Aries daughter growing to be an Aries woman who’s a firebrand leader.
4. Highly creative
The Aries genius for innovation expresses itself quite early so don’t be surprised to find your Aries toddler making up his/her own games and stacking up the toys in a completely different way.  They are highly creative little souls and their sense of enterprise may express itself in varied ways likeorganizing their pals on the playground or taking a completely new approach for a class project. They may have plenty of ideas that do not work, but they do not usually get discouraged because new ideas come to them as easily and naturally as breath comes to a living being. Best of all, Aries kids are happy to try out their ideas by themselves or in groups.
5. Extremely energetic
As all parents of Aries kids find out sooner or later that it is quite a challenge to keep up with these little bundles of energy. Aries kids are perpetually on the move, flitting from one game or activity to another. What they do is not as important as the fact that they need to be engaged in something. While this can get rather overwhelming for some parents, compelling Aries kids to be out of action for long is like a punishment for them. More importantly, if not involved in something interesting, you may find your Aries kid become surly, irritable and worse even destructive. So tiring as it may be for you, make sure you are there to support and cheer for your Aries child every step of the way. Even though they may not be emotionally dependent, they need you to listen to their ideas, encourage them in their wildest projects and on the whole believe in what they can do and achieve.

One thought on “Nurturing An Aries Child

  1. Aries:

    When she wants something, she gets it. The `me first` attitude separates the Arian woman from other signs and she`s a natural when it comes to leading. Getting into an argument with her will lead you nowhere. Why don`t you give up already? She`ll barely listen to you and you will only end up regretting the discussion later. Great deals, sales and bargains excite the shopaholic side of Aries and things may get nasty if someone tries to get in the way when she`s shopping. She`s a go-getter, is high on life, and loves sports and bling. The colour red turns her on and red roses are perfect for those who plan to get into her good books. If there`s one woman who doesn`t like fuss and will not waste your time, it`s Aries.

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