Gallery # 1

Speaker in various Educational Gatherings, Telecom Seminars etc. 

  • Guest Lecture at MANIT / IEEE : Innovations to drive Dynamics of Indian Telecom & ICT Sector with Mr. N. K. Goyal, President, CMAI & Mr. Jeff Liberman, TV HOST, Discovery Channel  

PR – Facebook

  • Key Note Speaker at SMB Forum 2012, PC Quest

PR –  PC Quest / CIOL/ Cyber Media / Data Quest


DSC02123  DSC02125 DSC02126 DSC02127 DSC02128  DSC02124DSC02129 33986_4938714537956_1573833610_n 75578_4938717698035_1224688221_n 295577_4938676857014_230242332_n 306169_4938701417628_1668966244_n 417702_4938702137646_299738368_n 479834_4938721258124_124647166_n 482321_4938721458129_450319778_n (1) 482321_4938721458129_450319778_n 482403_4938703937691_276603599_n 535589_4938686297250_1246717648_n 544123_4938708937816_2108500250_n 554947_4938685337226_752563114_n 555044_4938713337926_792652876_n 555271_4938702937666_311636949_n 602702_4938708977817_1994120867_n daf dq eq23e gfse vser wtw xdqwed _DSC0083 _DSC0085 _DSC0086 _DSC0087 _DSC0089 _DSC0122 _DSC0130

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