My Portfolio and Profile

With reference to my Resume , I’m Instrumentation and Control Engineer with technical knack and  technological know-how of Control Systems , Automation and Embedded Schema.

With citation to my practical experience, I have handled Public Relations, Press Releases & Branding; Web Social Media Tools & Search Engine Optimisation; Blogging, Ghostwriting, Content writing & management in field of IT, Telecom, ICT, Electronics & Semiconductors; Event management; and  Business development; and was Speaker in various Educational Workshops, Telecom  Forums & Seminars .

I am PRO at T.T. Textiles and my responsibilities cover public relations, press releases, content mangement etc.

I was in Editorial Board at EFY wherein my articles were published on EFY online portal and in EFY Plus monthly magazines.

I was  AGM Development/ Development Manager at CMAI/TEMA and handled public relations, social media tools event management,  blogging, social networking events and interacting sessions with Hon’ble ministers and telecom industry biggies, Press Releases etc .  I was also  speaker  in various seminars/workshops. I also prepared PPTs  that were presented in various Forums/ Shows/ Expos at international level like Las Vegas, Paris etc. I indited articles that were published in online portals and magazines in India and Abroad .

Variety is the spice of life. And I m pro for a challenging profile and ready to work out of comfort zone / forte.

Prerna Jain  Prerna-1

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6 thoughts on “My Portfolio and Profile

  1. This blog contains technical articles in forte of telecom, embedded systems, electronics, renewable energy, instrumentation & control engineering etc . This blog also contains educational thought provoking articles on sensitive issues like animal rights , women safety , rapes, society & education, and all the little things that matter! It is even laced with jokes depicted via cartoons.

  2. The site contains technical articles on Telecom, IT, Electronics, Embedded Systems etc as well as educational articles on female foeticide, wildlife etc.

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