Doing More With Less

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Author : Prerna Jain (Also refer Indian SMBs can do more with less )

 Take a Heed :

—When you hear ‘doing more with less’, two ideas click you. The two proponents in school of thoughts are:
  • —Spiritual point of view for Life
  • —Business point of view for Enterprise

1 Spiritual Aspect:

 How do you define what is ‘more’ or how do you define what is ‘less’?

  • A Ten Rupee Note is ‘less’ for me but ‘more’ for a beggar living across the street.
  • I’m not happy with even 1 crores of rupees but the beggar, being a small businessman, is sufficed with Rs. 20.
—An Insight: 
  • —The terms ‘more’ or ‘less’ are not determinable.
  • —Not definable in terms of capital, or, size of industry.
  • —Holds true on both ends: customer side and business side.
An Example: —

  • —As a customer, I go to a 5 Star Hotel and ask for free water, free tea, free lunch, free dinner, free internet.
  • —Even free drinks!
  • —Where To Stop?
  • —Not sufficed by whatever being offered to me.

Art Of the Trade:


The contentment depends on:

  • —Upbringing,
  • —Spiritual thinking,
  • —Type of business,
  • —Type of philosophy in business,
  • —Goals set-up for yourself.

Everyone and everybody wishes to be happy. Seeks to prosper.


So, where to find happiness, felicity? How to be happy?


—Happiness is here. Happiness is Today . Happiness is Now. Happiness is not Tomorrow.


  • —Enjoy that you are sitting here reading this article.
  • —There are people who are dating , meeting PM, adoring Almighty in temples, but still not enjoying the moment. Not happy. Busy On Mobile Phones, talking with nearby persons, cribbing temple/place alleged bad points.
  • —Youngsters aspire for a job to be happy, joyous. But when they get the job, they are unhappy (Boss, room, desk not good).

Prosperity is also comparative.

  • —Things needed for human survival: food, air to breathe and place to sleep.
  • —You will sleep when sleep comes..anywhere anytime…nothing needed
  • —You can have a gold decorated bed, gold coated plate, but at the end, you need 3 by 5 feet to sleep, you need food to eat to satiate your hunger.

Hence prosperity is what we expect, and, how we define happiness.


  • —You cannot make me happy or unhappy. Neither can I make you happy or unhappy.
  • —Variables are same: $ 5m do not make me happy.
  • —Any humiliation does not upset me. Because ‘I do not think of it as a humiliation”.

—Its all in mind. Its how you react to any given situation…


  • —Failures too do not affect me.
  • —Yet to see a failure.
  • —Even if I fail, I do not see it as a shortcoming, depressing , demotivating event. Because I know if I was not able to get something done in one way, I still have other ways to try.
  • —Albert Einstein – “I have not failed, I have just found 10000 ways that don’t work.”

2 Business Aspect:

How can SMBs do more with less via technology and other business strategies ??—

  • —Now that business is booming again for most Indian companies, it’s time to re-visit your IT infrastructure and ensure that it’s in line with your business objectives.
  • —There are certain elements in an IT infrastructure that must be added if not already there, and optimized if you already have them.

An Insight:

  • —The rapid growth of technology has offered new possibilities to enterprises.
  • —E.g.,  Smartphones create enormous opportunities for businesses to engage with customers.
  • —For SMBs, which have a smaller customer base with big chains, it’s all about keeping connected and actively engaged.
Do “More” : Improve productivity and enhance customer service.
With “Less” : Reduce operational cost.

How SMBs can make their business more efficient and productive:

1) Mobile computing solutions:  Skype, sleek tablets computers, eliminate/reduce waiting for all sorts of “approvals” to bring in new technologies
2) Business intelligence applications: managing “big data” via deployment of business intelligence solutions
3) Social media marketing tools: exploit email marketing. Specific profile metrics about who, what, when and why on Twitter, Facebook etc
4) Cloud-driven storage, back-up and disaster recovery services/solutions: what’s the point of backing up to a server that is located in the same site as the one being protected, Or, to tapes stored in a basement across town?
5) Video-enabled collaboration applications: Telecommuting via video chats and video-enabled IP telephony. Why miss out on visual cues in conference calls (without video) that could tell more of the “story” about what someone is saying. Hence face-to-face contact is important.
6) Call centers for customer support (technical support)

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