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9images  Education & Society

(1)  Caged Canary And Chained Dog

This article helps us to awake from our slumber and stop the cruelty against animals and birds.We (humans) hold the sense of justice so ‘dear’, but it should be extended to ‘all creatures’.

(2)  The ‘WildLife’- Rare And Unusual

Lets see what Mother Nature has in store for us. There’s so much to learn from her.

(3)  How To Suck At Your ‘Religion’ ?? must read

Does your religion inspire you to help others or does your religion hinder ‘in the name of GOD’?

(4)  Me And My Boss   

This article brings out the differences between employees and employers…

(5)  Rules for Supervisors

Every word of this article is laced with tinges of humour and sarcasm that brings out traits of ”Supervisors” ;-)

(6)  The Ten ‘Ifs’ of Employment

Follow this advice and you will go far…

(7)  The Interviewer !!  

This article contains awesome answers that were given by a candidate in INFOSYS Interview.

(8)   Awesome Answers In IAS Examinations 

This article contains few fantabulous answers that were given in competitive examinations.

(9)  The ‘Real’ ‘Man’ 

This article intends to portray that  “a real man treats his lady the same way he wants another man to treat his daughter.”

(10)  Is “Hell” Exothermic or Endothermic?? 

This article unveils whether “Hell” is exothermic (gives off heat) or Endothermic (absorbs heat) . This article is a rhetoric satire with a tinge of scientific humor.

(11)  I’m a “honest and positive person”… in my resume !!!

This article is a rhetoric satire that tells how hypocrite peeps behave ‘differently’ on- and -off screen..

(12)  Teacher’s Day In India !!

This article sneak peeks into the celebrations of Teacher’s day in India.


This article provides career guidance.

(14)  Just a Rupee 

This is a rhetoric, satirical poem that justifies the proverb “beggars are not choosers”.

(15)  Today I Heard a Bird Sing !!    

This is a rhetoric, satirical poem that intends to dawn upon us that how we, as humans, are better than animals & birds, but, still posses a complaining and ungrateful attitude in life.

(16)  The Ladder Of A Successful Career !! 

This article enlightens the barriers that women face while climbing up the ladder of a successful career.

(17)  And The Winner Is ??    must read

This article focuses on the ” herd” that heroically and swiftly boards the metro train and “fights” for who grabs the seat “first” .

(18)  Everyone Hails, ‘Long Nails’ !  

This articles highlights unhygienic conditions and unhealthy issues on letting one’s nails grow too long.

(19)  Excuse Me, Excuse Me Not !! 

This article contends that saying “Sorry” or “Excuse Me” does not give one a license or a right to walk all over others.

(20)  Pole Dance   must read

This article focuses on “uneducated literates” who travel in public transports.

(21)  Animal Rights 

This article protests the experiments done on animals (e.g., laboratory rats).

(22)  Rules Are Meant To Be Broken! 

The gist of the article is that people “follow” rules only in 2 conditions (1) when scared hell out of them, thereby, left with no option, and hence, are forced to abide by the regulations (2) inner willingness and discipline to follow the rules….

(23)  Summer Trainings in India

This article explains and justifies why industrial trainings are important.

(24)  Is Education today nothing .. But the learning of facts ??

This is a debate on the topic : whether today’s Education System focuses on mugging up facts, and, getting good marks, or not.

(25)  My Experience

Author has shared her experience here.

(26)  Examine ‘what’ is said, not him ‘who’ speaks.

Top 1000 proverbs (A-Z) are enlisted in this article.

(27)   Legal Recognition of Lesbian and Gay Relationships   

Does any state recognize marriages between same-sex couples? Lets sneak peek.

(28)  How The English Language Has Evolved Over Time  

The history of the English language is long and complicated. However, there are several major milestones throughout its evolution which make it what it is today. Lets find out.

(29)  Compare The Genders !! 

Differences Between Men & Women :-p

(30)  Are women better managers ??  must read

This is a debate. “A group of donkeys led by a lion can defeat a group of lions led by a donkey.”

I, myself being a woman, believe that men are better managers!!

(31)  Heart Of An Angel And Height Of An Elephant !!!

Let’s see who can decode and unveil the profound meaning of this statement …

(32) Why I Write   

I write because I want, maybe even by accident, to write something beautiful [Read More].

(33) The Fringe Benefits Of Being A Writer   

What exactly do you earn by being a writer? Let’s sneak peek into the perks of being a writer.

(34) Artists And Writers

Anybody can look at a pretty girl and see a pretty girl. An artist can look at a pretty girl and see the old woman she will become. Let’s see the portray of lady.

(35)        Where Are You?     

Which step have you reached today in the ladder of “I can and I can’t”? Keep climbing till you reach “I did it”!

(36)  My Secret Life on the McJob

The findings of  Jerry Newman and the lessons he learnt from behind the counter that guarantee to supersize any management style.

(37)  The Disney Way  

Find out how you can harness the management secrets of Walt Disney in your company that yields startling performance improvements.

(38)  The 17 Vices

This article enlists 17 vices with their dictionary meanings (in alphabetical order).  Keep these evil attributes at bay.

(39) I L U     bluejobs_icon

Love is not a noun but a verb to be acted upon!

(40) Portrait Of A Lady   [Artwork]   bluejobs_icon

A painting by me, of course !!

(41) must read    Thought For Diwali [FooD For Thought]   bluejobs_icon

Side effects of Diwali: noise and air pollution !!

(42) Rangoli [Artwork]   bluejobs_icon

Rangoli by me, of course !! [The festive mood of Diwali]

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