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Jobs in Spotlight [November]:

(1)  Embedded Specialist at Motorola Mobility India Pvt Ltd

(2) Freshers & Experienced Engineers at Honeywell Technology Solutions Lab Pvt Ltd

(3) Bluetooth – FW Quality Assurance Engineer at Marvell India Pvt. Ltd

(4) Physical Design Engineer at Cosmic Circuit 

(5) Hardware and BSP Engineer at Ittiam 

(6) Design Methodology and Flows @ 20 nm at  Xilinx India Technology Services Pvt Ltd 

(7) Design Engineer Staff (RTL Design) at Cypress Semiconductor Technology India Pvt. Ltd 

 Jobs in Spotlight [October]:

(1) FPGA V&V Staff Project Engineer at National Instruments (NI Systems) 

(2) Applications Engineer at Lattice Semiconductor International Corp

 (3) Board Design Engineer at Dexcel Electronics Designs

(4) STB & DVB Professionals at Vayavya Labs 

(5) Embedded Engineer (Hardware) at E-Infochips Inc 

(6) DFT Engineer Technical Lead at ST Ericsson

(7)  Design Engineer at Freescale Semiconductor India Pvt Ltd 

(8) SoC Performance Architect at Intel Technology India Pvt Ltd

(9) ASIC Engineer (Verification) at Nvidia Corporation

(10) ASIC Verification Engineer at MosChip Semiconductor Technology Ltd

Jobs in Spotlight [September]:

(1) RTL Design Engineer at RV-VLSI Design Center  –>    16 Applicants

(2) Embedded Developer at RBEI  –>   39 Applicants

(3) Embedded / EDA / VlSI / ASIC / Chip Design at  Apple Group     –>   79  Applicants 

(4) Microcontroller Programmer at Momentum Control Software P Ltd   –>  29 Applicants

(5) Industrial Automation Engineer at Larsen and Toubro Ltd –> 75 Applicants 

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