Why I Write

In words of  Cristian Mihai :

I write because I want, maybe even by accident, to write something beautiful.

I write because I want to find out who I am.

I write because there’s nothing else I’d rather do.

I write because I feel that sometimes only words can change the world.

I’ve been writing for little over 7 years now. To be honest, when I first started writing I thought there was nothing complicated about writing. You only need imagination, I thought. Of course, I was 16. But even then, when I thought writing was going to be an easy way to make money, I wanted to say something. I genuinely felt that I had something to say. I only needed to acquire the tools.

I’ve always wanted to inspire in people what my favorite books have inspired in me. And I was relentless in this pursuit. I also realized that there was a lot more to writing than I had first thought. It wasn’t a get rich quick scheme, it wasn’t easy, it wasn’t all about imagination. Hell, it wasn’t even all about words. 

7 thoughts on “Why I Write

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