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Author : Prerna Jain

Take Feature Tour of  EDA and engineering tools via monthly issue of EFY DVD.

Preview: New Look of EFY Website

What happens when a giant robotic tool awakens from its slumber beneath the earth, for a month long learning festival, featuring 50,000,00 human readers?

Answer:  Its EDA and engineering tools throwing a huge party!”

  Nervus saphenus of the Electronics Design…

….The art of excogitation

This month’s EFY Plus DVD allows us to learn the Status Quo via engineering tools, namely TINA-TI, LAYOUT EDITOR, MICROCAP, 5SPICE and BASCOM-AVR … inculcates an aptitude and attitude of learning through entertainment (games) …. and includes some general purpose PC utilities … The EFY Expo Videos are topping on the cake …

Refer : EFY

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