Global 450 Consortium (G450C) Program

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This article elaborates about G450C Program that aims to support the industry transition from 300mm wafer to 450mm wafer production.


In September 2011, New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced the establishment of the Global 450 Consortium (G450C) at CNSE’s Albany NanoTech Complex. This first-of-its-kind collaboration headquartered and housed at CNSE is comprised of five leading international companies working to create the next generation of computer chip technology: IBM, Intel, GLOBALFOUNDRIES, Samsung and TSMC.

The goal of the G450C is to support the industry transition from 300mm wafer to 450mm wafer production. The consortium will leverage industry and government investments, & demonstrate and deploy 450mm wafer tools and process capabilities, thereby providing significant potential benefits to the nanoelectronics industry and New York State.

What is the Global 450 Consortium (G450C) Program?

G450C is:

  • a New York based consortium.
  • built on the base program started under ISMI’s R450 Program.
  • funded to collaboratively work with suppliers to develop 450mm equipment.
  • using wafers, equipment, people and cleanroom space to develop and test equipment to meet industry needs.


The objectives of the G450C are:

  • to assure a smooth and coordinated 450mm wafer transition;
  • expand test wafer operations to accelerate and support supplier development;
  • support tool demonstrations;
  • demonstrate a full 450mm fab tool set;
  • continued 450mm research and development after the completion of equipment demonstrations;
  • enable innovation, but not slow scaling;
  • enable OEMs and tool makers to transition to 450mm in a highly coordinated fashion under a financially (New York) leveraged business strategy; and
  • work with suppliers and other associations/consortia to develop standards and support the development of common equipment building blocks.

More info at : G450C

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