And The Winner Is ??

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Author : Prerna Jain

This article focuses on the ” herd” that heroically and swiftly boards the metro train and “fights” for who grabs the seat “first” .

Academy Award goes to …………..

There are various modes of transportation. Trains, airplanes,  cars, cycles. In fact, one can walk too.  Some people have their own cars,  while some prefer to use public transport.

Now, here’s the interesting part.

It is obvious that one prefers relaxed travelling. One wishes to sit down during the journey. One wishes to lax, and comfort their feet, which carry their weight all day long. One wishes to place their asses on comfortable seats.

But why fight For “seat” ?

DMRC (Delhi Metro Railway Corporation) has been a milestone in easing out road traffic. The DMRC train runs on underground and on overhead railway tracks, and carry hundreds of people daily, thereby,  saving them from traffic jams on roads.

The frequency of arrival of every train is “maximum” 8 minutes. When I reach the platform, I see “couple of people” waiting for the train. Interestingly and obviously, the population multiplies as clock tic- toc . And wollah, here comes the train ………

This is the point where “interesting part” is unveiled. There is literally fight for who gets the seat first !!

People on platform are so impatient that they do not allow the passengers inside the train to “de-board” . In fact, its like, “buy one, get one free offer”. You board the metro train from Station-1 to get down at Station-4, but people on platform are so “fun”, they say, hey stay inside, come along for one more station. Yeah, Now, That’s frigging “fun”.

Platform people just rush into the passengers who are already standing on the metro doors and are  ready to de-board. These peeps are just pushed back by the “incoming traffic”.

The fun part is not over yet.

The ” herd” that heroically  boards the train “fight” for who gets the seat first !!

It is literally, who wins…………

And the Best Grabber is ……….

Academy Award goes to …………..

“Lets think over it”

11 thoughts on “And The Winner Is ??

  1. people are even reluctant to offer seats to old men/ women, children,handicap or people who are not well (ill, fay fever etc) and who indeed require to sit

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