Transformers Connected Directly to Generators

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Courtesy : EEP

This article suggests designs for withstanding the abnormal thermal and mechanical aspects in power transformers.

Figure 1  – Generator transformer

Power transformers connected directly to generators can experience excitation and short-circuit conditions beyond the requirements defined by ANSI/IEEE standards. Special design considerations may be necessary to ensure that a power transformer is capable of withstanding the abnormal thermal and mechanical aspects that such conditions can create.

The power transformers involved can be divided into three basic subgroups based on their specific application:

  1. Unit transformers (UT) that are connected directly to the system
  2. Station service transformers (SST) that connect the system directly to the generator auxiliary load
  3. Unit auxiliary transformers (UAT) that connect the gene-rator directly to the generator auxiliary load

Full article at EEP.

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