Science Scope

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Author : Prerna Jain

This article illustrates how all branches of engineering are related to each other.

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Ever increasing pace of development in electronics audio and video communication system and the automation in industry have made an electronic engineer a catalyst for the change of modern society. Electronic gadgets and communication system of present age have tremendously improved the quality of life. With the tempo of events throughout the world, it has become  essential to have more efficient communication network with the latest electronic devices and circuits.

ECE(electronics engineering) lays greater emphasis on deep understanding of fundamental principles and state-of-art knowledge of electronic devices and circuits, computer architecture, microprocessor, VLSI and embedded system, electromagnetic field theory, analog and digital communications, digital signal processing, microwave and broadband communication.

Computers have revolutionized not only the fields of data processing and storage, but also the process of communication, manufacturing and transportation, thereby improving the quality of life.

Instrumentation and control (ICE) is equipping the above with automation.

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