Is Education today nothing .. But the learning of facts ??

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Author : Prerna Jain

This is a debate on the topic : whether today’s Education System focuses on mugging up facts, and, getting good marks, or not.

`Education ought to promote nation’s agriculture, industry, trade etc and at the same time render the individual’s body more active, heart more pure and thoughts more original.’

 Today education is not merely literacy or learning of facts. Today our Education System includes Science and Technology, Moral Education, Physical Education , and of course focuses even on the usage of various languages. Today every educational institute (be it be school or college) is not just facilitated with its own auditorium and canteen, but also possesses laboratories for different subjects. This implies practical application of the facts that we as students learn in schools.

You cannot deny the fact that there is no proper development of an individual without extra curriculum activities like singing, poetry,art and craft, etc and at the same time equally important are sports and games…Hence each one of us is not supposed to just mug up everything that is taught to us and do parrot learning…rather it’s understanding of the lesson which is more essential.

We witness that a “ lecture class ” is no more  bleak and  boring ..perhaps demonstration and practical application of the subject being taught is also taken into view.

As Marshall McLuhan puts–the medium is the message. Hence I strongly feel that if we all were to learn merely “ facts and figures ”  then we all  would have been nothing less than the trained parrots and the tag of “ successful individuals ” would have sounded like a taboo..

If education was just about dweebing and swotting and cramming of “ inanimate knowledge ”; a no-hum, irksome “tale of what, who, how, where and when” ….then I’d like to contemplate that we would not be printing “PRATIDHWANI” (the college magazine) every year, then we’d not be holding Competitions and Fests like TECHNOCRACY12 , then we would not have kept one arms distance from “ SPORTS DAY”

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